Commission a painting for your loved one, as a gift for a special holiday.  I work from photographs, and converse with the client about content and symbolism.  The pricing is according to the size of the panel, plus an additional $100 design fee for the photography, design layout, changes and progress reports via emails. The price also includes a black wooden frame hand made by Bruce Gray where the painting is float mounted.  Turn-around times fluctuate based on current workload.  

2017 Prices - these prices are for existing paintings that you may find in my gallery GRAY MATTER - art + tools + oddities  at 964 Baca #6, Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

4" x 6.5"     $570
6" x 6"        $750
5.5" x 7"     $800
7" x 7"        $995
8" x 8"       $1250
8" x 10"      $1540

Add additional $100 design fee to these prices for commissioned paintings.